Wedding Day: Where to Save vs Splurge

When it comes to planning your wedding, every detail seems like the most important detail. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on everything.

Here are the areas The Champagne Bride suggests where you can “afford” to save vs where you will want to splurge:


  1. Cake
    • While the cake is a fun part of the day, the sad part is many people don’t notice or remember it. The cake is typically placed on the dance floor, but guests are so focused on finding their seat that it often goes missed. Not to mention, the couple typically cuts the cake first thing and then it is whisked away – and only a few tables are usually close enough to appreciate it.
  2. Centerpieces
    • We definitely recommend flowers as a center piece, but the best way to save is by adding a variety of centerpieces to compliment flowers. Popular options include floating candles or bird cages and some venues will allow you to bring in your own pieces if you’re crafty! Be sure to check your contract.
  3. Party Favors
    • While party favors are a nice jester for guests, if you’re offering other plus-ups like open bar or late night snacks, there isn’t really a reason to stress out over adding party favors.
  4. Shoes
    • It is not necessary to buy the most perfect wedding shoe that you will only wear once. There is something special about being able to wear them again, even after the wedding. Buy something that you can wear all night and feel feminine in. Looking for ideas? Read up on our “Shoes for Thought” post


  1. Hair/makeup
    • Finding a vendor that can listen, recommend and execute your vision/style for hair and makeup is super important. You want to feel good in your own skin (and hair), especially when you are the star of the show.
  2. Photography/Videography
    • Many photo/video places are expensive, so make sure to build that into your budget. We recommend you also see their sample work because there are a lot of different photo styles out there, that you will want to go with someone that matches your style. You will have these for a lifetime!
  3. DJ
    • This guy or gal is going to keep/encourage your guests to be on the dance floor. If you have a DJ that cannot connect with the crowd, it could put a damper on the celebration. Make sure to ask a DJ company how their policy works – if you get to meet/select your exact DJ, if you can put together a “definitely play list” vs “don’t play” list so they know your music style, how they would combat requests that you simply do not want (such as the Chicken dance), what are their tactics for getting/keeping people on the dance floor, what comes standard in their package (such as uplighting) etc.

Hope this helps when prioritizing your dollar, so your can afford your Pinterest perfect wedding!


The Champagne Bride



Jingle Bells and Wedding Bells – Engagement Season Is Here!

Although Winter is traditionally a slower time for weddings, it is by far the most popular season for engagements! In fact, nearly “40% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day” – Wedding Wire.

Did your… FIANCE! pop the question over the holidays? Share your engagement story (with a picture!) here to receive complimentary bubbly and a free wedding consultation session with The Champagne Bride!

Wondering what to do next? Read up on our “You’re Engaged! 5 Things You Need to Think of Next” post for tips on where to start!

To a lifetime of ❤ and happiness

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Shoes for Thought

Depending on the length of your dress, wedding shoes aren’t going to be an obvious part of your look. However, it does complete your look.

The Champagne Bride recommends going with something that allows you to walk, stand and dance all day and night. Nothing too high, but something that makes you feel feminine and comfortable. Seems obvious, right?

For color, we like neutrals that have a flash of intrigue (could be some sparkle, a gem or a faint design). We like the idea that you can wear them again and be reminded of your big day, in a subtle way, at any other “wear heels” occasion.

Lastly, if you are going to be taking pictures in grass, high heel protectors are great so you and your bride tribe don’t sink or ruin your nice pair of shoes.

Hope this helps when searching for your perfect shoe!

The Champagne Bride

You’re Engaged!: 5 Things You Need to Think of Next

He popped the question and you said, YES!!! After you call all the people in your cell phone (tip – start with your Mom), here are the next 5 things The Champagne Bride recommends you start thinking of to kick-off planning the best day ever:

  1. Budget
    • Determine what you think you and your partner, or parents, can reasonably afford. Base this on how much money you already have saved and how much you will likely be able to put aside leading up to the big day. For reference, the average wedding costs $30,000+ (in Illinois). A budget can creep up quick, so it’s good to have someone who can recommend great vendors and keep you to a budget
  2. Number of Guests
    • Put together a rough guest list for both sides, including friends. This will give you a good idea of how many people will be invited to help celebrate and what size venue you will be needing to look for. Tip: One of the easiest ways to reduce budget is to reduce the number of guests
  3. Venue
    • Upon knowing the size of your guest list, start thinking of the space you envision your big day at. Is it more city glam, rustic barn or something more nautical… just to name a few
  4. Date
    • Your Venue and Church (if you choose a more traditional route) will let you know what dates are available. If you know the time of year, or season, you want to get married, it leaves a lot more options open than a specific date would. Fall is the new favorite time of year to get married, so make sure you look for venues early enough to book your preferred date and then be able to let any vendors (ie. photographers, DJ, makeup artists, limo company etc.) know. Tip: Fridays and Sundays are always a little cheaper
  5. Dress
    • Normally, it would be great to secure vendors once you know your venue and date, but that can wait until after the best part… DRESS SHOPPING! It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Finding the right silhouette for your body should be your first goal. Then, have the Stylist pull all the dresses in that shape so that you can determine what your favorite design is. Having your date and venue picked at this point helps A LOT, as you can deem what is appropriate for the season and venue. If it’s a winter barn wedding, you may want lace or a dress with lace sleeves (like Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding). If it’s a Summer destination wedding, maybe something lighter and flowy works best for you. Tip: Keep the dress shopping group small, you’ll be thankful you didn’t have so many opinions and be able to hear your own voice better. Also, don’t be afraid to pick the first dress you try on – like your partner, you will “just know” and there is no need to try on 100 dresses… it’ll just confuse you

Hope that helps get you started! There are so many more great plans and details we’d love to share with you. Comment below or write to us on our Contact page to chat further – hope to hear from you!

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